Turkey Brownie Cake, Brownie and Cookie Mini Whoopie Pies, and Bread Pan Brownies


My daughter had her birthday party at Joann Fabrics yesterday.  Thank goodness I cut the time down to 90 minutes instead of the allotted two hours.  The girls finished their craft in 45 minutes, and the instructor had NOTHING else planned.  The instructor herself was super BORING.  I finally had to step in and take the girls over to do the free ornament craft that was going on in the store – thank goodness for that!  Then we played some Simon Says and Telephone.  Also super boring, but at least we passed the time.  The girls all said they had a good time, but I will never pay $125 for that again!

What Did I Make Today?

This morning was not boring at all!  My artistically-inclined son designed an amazing Thanksgiving dessert.  We aren’t eating Thanksgiving here, so I made it today.  I’m called it the Turkey Double-Brownie Cake.  Then I made some mini whoopie pies and brownies out of leftovers from the cake.

How Did It Go?

The Turkey Double-Brownie Cake came out AWESOME and was so FUN to make.  I started with a Ghiradelli brownie mix which I split into a 6 inch round pan and a bread pan.  (It still needed the full 22 minutes at 325 to bake.)  Then I made the Spider Web Brownies by C&H Sugar.  Definitely needed to double the glaze!!  I cut off a bit of the 6 inch round brownie and put it on top.  I iced this and the bread pan brownies with cooled Texas Sheet Cake icing.  Finally, I added Twinkies for feathers and iced these with vanilla buttercream.

Here’s the important thing to note about the Spider Web Brownies.  It’s a bit too much batter for a 12 inch pizza pan.  Fortunately, I stopped short when pouring the batter in the pan. I still overfilled it a bit, but I cut the edges off, and it worked out fine.  With the extra batter, I made mini brownie whoopie pies.




The cookie mini whoopie pies are made from a new cookie recipe that failed taste testing.  I trashed the recipe for Best Chocolate Chip Cookies from the Baking Is a Science website.  It’s one of those recipes that uses bread flour instead of all purpose flour.  The recipe calls for making really large cookies and baking them for 12 minutes.  That didn’t yield good cookies, but these little ones which I baked for 8 minutes came out pretty well.  If these  mini whoopie pies get a thumbs up, I might revive the recipe.  I don’t really have a great mini chocolate chip cookie recipe.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies


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