Sunflower Cakes

Happy Kansas Day!



My daughter’s teacher only allows fruit as treats so…



Mom’s Banana Apple Bread, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Swirl Butterscotch Banana Bread, and Bread Machine Bagels

All Work and No Play

Lots of work to do!  The posts are going to be a bit sparse for a while…

What Did I Make Today?

I made Mom’s Banana Apple Bread from A Whisk and a Spoon, Brown Sugar Cinnamon Swirl Butterscotch Banana Bread from Baker by Nature, and Bread Machine Bagels from Art and the Kitchen.

How Did It Go?

The bagels I proofed in the oven were a disaster, but the ones I proofed in my new fangled bread proofing box actually turned out.  I did 1 cup wheat flour and 2 cups white flour.  I also cut down on the sugar.  I think I should have switched to honey.  These were not super flavorful.  Also, I think my oven might have been kind of hot or I didn’t boil long enough or something.  They were really crunchy on the outside.  Still not bad.


I have never gotten this bread to turn out, but I keep trying.  Parts always taste good.  I pulled it out too early today.  Dang it!  I only used one third of the glaze, and it’s still a lot.


Wow – this took forever.  Both the batter and the bake (65 minutes).  I think it might be worth it, though.

Mom’s Banana Apple Bread


The family’s verdict – both breads were super tasty tonight.

Buttermilk Sheet Cake and Caramel Apple Pie

Dinner and a Movie Night

This is one of my kids’ school’s best activities.  I don’t remember if they did this last year, but this year they asked parents to contribute desserts for the dinner.  You know I signed up for that!  Unfortunately, my daughter has basketball practice, so we only get to go to the movie part.  Oh well.  I was kind of meh about what I baked anyway!

What Did I Make Today?

Two recipes from my Untried book…Buttermilk Sheet Cake from Cookies and Cups and Caramel Apple Pie from Yammies’ Noshery.

How Did It Go?

Like I said, kind of meh.  There was a comment about the Buttermilk Sheet Cake from Cookies and Cups being gooey.  I see what that person meant.  The cake was pretty gooey in the middle even after 21 minutes.  (This is probably my fault.  I didn’t bake it at 400 as dictated.)  On the other hand, the icing was not pourable.  I added sprinkles, and it looks okay.  Hopefully, it’s edible, but I’ll never know!


The recipe for Caramel Apple Pie from Yammies’ Noshery was pretty plain jane.  Beware – the topping starts to burn right away!


Oatmeal Blueberry Cookies and Chocolate Peanut Butter Magic Squares

Future Grammy

Tomorrow is my grandmother’s 96 birthday!  So I finally followed through on my idea to create a Future Grammy collage.  I think I definitely got my baking genes from her!

What Did I Make Today?

I took another shot at Oatmeal Blueberry Cookies based on the recipe for Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Chef In Training.  Then I made Chocolate Peanut Butter Magic Squares from Kitchen Gidget.

How Did It Go?

The Oatmeal Blueberries Cookies turned out awesome.  I create a glaze using homemade blueberry syrup for half of them.


The magic bars sounded so easy, I just had to try them.  The edges were burning by 20 minutes into the bake time so I pulled the bars out a few minutes early.  Then I cut the edges off.  May taste okay.  Update: the squares in the middle tasted more than okay.  They were really good.  Next time I would increase the amount of crust and push it up the sides so the sweetened condensed milk can’t burn.



Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Blueberry Cookies and Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies with Nutella Glaze

How Could I?

I was totally inspired by the Sally’s Baking Addiction post today.  It was for Soft Cream Cheese Cookies with Nutella Glaze.  But I am out of cream cheese.  How did I let that happen!

What Did I Make Today?

Determined to use the awesome-looking Nutella Glaze, I made Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies also from Sally’s Baking Addiction.  I also made Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Blueberry Cookies based on the recipe for Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from Recipe Diaries.

How Did It Go?

Unexpectedly.  I thought that the Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies from Sally’s Baking Addiction came out too tough, but with the Nutella Glaze, they were awesome!  Even my husband, who doesn’t like Nutella, gave these a two thumbs up.


On the other hand, I expected Hubs to like the Soft and Chewy Oatmeal Blueberry Cookies, but he didn’t.  The idea of softening the dried fruit was a bust.


Legendary Apple Crisp Pie

Missing Barney!

Can you even hear the word Legendary without thinking of How I Met Your Mother?

What Did I Make Today?

Just one thing: Legendary Apple Crisp Pie by Dinner Then Dessert.

How Did It Go?

Some good, some bad, hopefully still tastes Legendary.  I didn’t have 3 pounds of apples, and they were particularly crispy.  Also, I didn’t get much in the way of juices to cook down.  On the other hand, all the ingredients in the filling – wow!  And the crumble is awesome.  I could not fit it all on, though.  50 minutes seemed pretty perfect as far as bake time goes.




Orange Dreamsicle Bread and Brown Butter Brownies

The $5 Bread Maker

Did you know you can get bread makers for $5 at the Salvation Army?  A friend old me this ages ago, and I finally got around to picking one up.  I love it!  I have already made two yummy breads:

What Did I Make Today?

Not feeling super inspired.  I’m ended up grabbing two recipes from my Untried binder.  I made Orange Dreamsicle Bread by Chef In Training and Brown Butter Brownies by Baker By Nature.

How Did It Go?

Fortunately, both these recipes came from tried and true food bloggers.  They came out terrific.  I cut the brownie recipe in half (using just two eggs) for an 8×8 pan which took 24 minutes to bake.  I added the frosting from one of our favorite brownie recipes.  These were well liked but didn’t make it into The Book.


I made 1/3 of the recipe for Orange Dreamsicle Bread by Chef In Training.  I wish I would have just halved it and still made one loaf just ’cause it would have been easier.  Still turned out really awesome!  Now this may be a keeper.

Pre-glaze pic: