Ridiculous Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Toffee Christmas Crack Munch

Knocked Out!

I somehow strained my lower back muscles, and yesterday I finally had to take some pain killer.  I haven’t taken it since last year, so our bottles were expired.  I ended up buying some Aleve PM not knowing what the PM meant.  Wow!  It knocked me out!  Never doing that again!

What Did I Make Today?

I was imagining a Christmas-y bunt cake for some reason.  So I made Ridiculous Chocolate Cake by Cookies and Cups.  Then I made Chocolate Toffee Christmas Crack Munch from A Spicy Perspective.

How Did It Go?

Terrific!  Both these recipes are EASY and AWESOME!



No one actually loved eating the Chocolate Toffee Christmas Crack Munch, but it did turn out perfect.  Guess it’s for gifting!




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