Is It Almost That Time Again?

The One Week Countdown

I can’t believe school is starting up again.  It seemed  to be forever away until it wasn’t  I can barely wrap my mind around that fact that it starts in one week.  I hope my baby has an easier adjustment this year.  School is loud, and there are a lot of people.  That is hard on a kid who enjoys her alone time.

What Did I Make Today?

Practically nothing, but it took forever.  I made our two favorite cookie doughs – Utlimate Chocolate Chip Cookie dough and Lofthouse Copycat Cookie dough.  Whoops, I forgot that I made the chocolate chip cookie dough yesterday.  Won’t have to make that again!  Then I dipped some pretzels because I had a cute idea for ears.

How Did It Go?

Fine.  Not super fun today.  Stress, I guess.




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