Better than the Rest?

Compare or Not to Compare

There is a lot of talk these days about not comparing yourself to others.  In fact, one of the student speeches at graduation focused on this topic.  The argument was that we are happier when we don’t compare ourselves to others.  After graduation, though, one of my kids pointed out that he doesn’t need to worry about this.  In any given room, he’s the best at something.  Now this is particularly true for him; he’s wicked smart and very athletic.  However, isn’t this true for everyone?  In any given group of people, there is likely something that you do better than everyone else.  So why do some people focus on the negative comparisons rather than the positive ones?  Just saying.

What Did I Make Today?

Some BEST recipes, I think!  Hey, I’m an optimist!  One of my kids has been asking for Rolo Stuffed Snickerdoodles from Six Sisters Stuff.  I didn’t find my stash of Rolos until after I made these, so they ended up being Reese Stuffed Snickerdoodles.  Then I made Cinnamon Roll Layer Cake from Cookies and Cups and decorated it like a taco as described on Studio DIY.

How Did I Go?

These recipes are the best, Jerry, the best!  The Reese Stuffed Snickerdoodles were easy.  I’ve been avoiding this recipe because I didn’t want to hassle with wrapping the dough around each piece of candy, but it was no big deal.  Unwrapping the candies was way more of hassle!  Here’s a link to the original recipe and a pic.


By the way, the reason that they look a bit undercooked is that I forgot to set the over temperature to 400. Whoops!  I baked them at 350 for 8 minutes.  Could be great – we shall see!

I loved the cinnamon roll cake recipe.  It baked up so perfectly in 20 minutes.  Really glad I went with a homemade cake instead of a boxed mix.  I used the coffee filter in the cake pan trick, and it was easy to get the cake out after it cooled.  I used the cinnamon buttercream recipe and tinted it yellow.  The cinnamon made it look just like a taco shell – sweet!  I got lazy after that, though, and used a bit of store-bought icing for the chocolate and green bits.  And I used chopped up chocolate melting wafers for the “cheese” and “tomoatoes.”  Here are links and a pic.



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